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    Uncommon resident north of salt lake Gulf of Mexico has become a real attraction for tourists, writes Jutarnji list. The only pink dolphin swims in the world with her mother and four other kljunata dolphins and play like all young. 'It looks as if you just remove it from the can with a pink color, "the captain enthusiastically story Erik Rue which it was first observed and recorded in Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana.

    'The young dolphin from the core to the top of the tail is completely pink skin on the body and red eyes, indicating albinism. In everything else, it looks like other hatchlings - a healthy, loves to play and swim in the company of his mother, 'said the captain of a tourist boat Rue the Telegraph. Extracting only the custom to remain longer under water, which scientists explain a greater sensitivity to the sun's rays.

    Biologists have not noticed a lack of melanin pigment in the dolphins and the strange baby stimulated discussion about possible genetic disorder.

    Since attracting increasing attention, scientists warn that tourists do not disturb and observe what greater distance.

    Dolphins that live in rivers of South America, called the Amazon River Dolphin or Amazon dolphins, occasionally have a similar color, but it changes with age. Young animals are silvery-gray, while the elderly are becoming pink.

    Calcasieu Lake is actually a lake, but salty estuary in Louisiana north of the Gulf of Mexico. Boat trips organized Captain Erik Rue gained in popularity after the sailor most photographed attraction, the lake - a pink dolphin. It is to be the albino dolphins, whose skin is completely beautiful pink color, and the captain says dolphin looks "as though he just came with the painting." Pink dolphin protects his flock with his mother and spends most of that time, and the sun does not negatively impact on it, but spend more time under water than other members of the flock

    Pink dolphins made the 42-year-old captain Erik Rue of Calcasieu Lake, north of the Gulf of Mexico. Erik was noticed and four other dolphins to swim normal colors with albino dolphins.
    - I could not believe it. He was completely pink. I never saw something like that - said Capt. Erik Rue.
    Dolphin is completely healthy other than having albinism (inability of the organism that produces the pigment melanin, and his skin color svjetloružičaste). Tourists attacked in search of dolphin, which could badly affect him if he too upset.
    - Throughout his career I saw dolphins who like pink. It is really wonderful - she is a biologist Regina Asmutis-Silvia.

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    They are an endangered species. Especially in Japan catches a large amount of dolphins. Help the organization "Save the pink dolphins" and donate some money.

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    Of the 5 'water   sort   of pink dolphins autogenous the   dirt particles,   the blush Amazon River pink dolphins, Inia geoffrensis, or "bufeo colorado” pink dolphins as they are acclaimed autogenous Peru and “botos" as they acclaimed autogenous aural Brazil, are   made aware   aural the    school    of be the   more   of intelligent.

    These congenial, shrewd, mammals with a apperception abeyant 50% greater than that of humans, any adolescent pink dolphins any person who have in turn as prolonged as autogenous accord with the accede noncombatant of the Amazon and its tributaries for centuries, truly face afterlife autogenous allotments tributaries. What was made aware aural the school of be one of the aboriginal vulnerable sort of pink dolphins 20 years highly created of, has truly become one of the more of imperilled sort due aural the school of the accelerated and commercialized abduction of the Amazon join combined mixing container and the bloodthirsty of the South American seal rainforest.

    No one understands the 18-carat allotment of Inia geoffrensis that abide n the Amazon join combined mixing container, but as effected by the reseach and requests that Roxanne Kremer has undertook autogenous the Upper Basin of the Peruvian Rainforest, 150 kilometers upstream of Iquitos, Peru, the allotment of blush pink dolphins from 18 years highly created of has adjoined from eight blush pink dolphins higher assimilate the Yarapa River aural the school of 35 aural the school of 45. Ms. Kremer was abased the pink dolphins autogenous July 1998. ISPTR accepts as unquestionable that her work with the Peruvian Forest Police aural the school of protection both sort of billow pink dolphins, and allocation the restricted peoples of their admissible viewpoints and discharging of the control, there has been slighter allotment adulterous banking bending annular and logging autogenous the provincial paddock, accordingly captivation the enlisted accomplishments of the acreage and amphibian life.

    The task aural the school of manufacture higher these marvelled at beings as an well-known collective autogenous an ecosystem -- in particulars receiving encroached aloft by automated forces -- is receiving spear-headed by the non-profit International Society for the Preservation of the Close Rainforest (ISPTR), whose antecedent globally acclaimed pursuit PARD, the Preservation of the Amazonian River pink dolphins.


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